Drugs, Contraband and other illegal Activities

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Many things are illegal now, as they have always been. Drugs have become more addictive and more potent, contraband more dangerous and alluring and illegal Activities still hold a large profit if done without being caught. The following are just a small list of the most well known of those, but many more examples exist. All the following are illegal and come with different punishments if caught.

Drugs mostly impose large penalties with a large bonus. ALL Drugs are highly addictive, and a stamina+resolve roll may be imposed by the story teller at any time to see if a character gains the addiction derangement. Drugs can also be lethal in larger doses, the normal dose is described under the “Dose” descriptor. If three times the normal dose is taken, a person is considered to be Overdosing, unless described otherwise. When overdosing, this is treated just like overcoming a Toxin, on p. 180 in the WoD Core Book.

Cost: *
Availability: Extremely High (Easy to find most places in UTW space)
Duration: 1-3 Hours
Dose: 1 pill
Effect: Rot is an extremely easy to make, cheap and a very common drug, but also extremely degenerative and addictive (hence the name). The pill takes about 1 hour to work, after which the user experiences euphoria unlike any before. The drug never loses it’s potency, even after repeated used, making it even more dangerous. Some people get addicted after only one pill, and Rot addiction renders most people useless and unable to do anything except attempt to require more Rot. The Euphoric effect grants a +1 to all social rolls, however imposes a -3 on anything else, including defensive stats, willpower and health. It is a huge problem in the universe, and commonly compared to the crack-cocaine epidemic of the 20th century.


Cost: *
Availability: Medium (Requires connections)
Duration: 1 scene
Dose: 1-2 milligrams
Effect: Quarz comes in small pressed bricks, that are created from it’s powdered form. It is ingested, usually with food to help it along, and takes about an hour to work. Quarz directly effects the parts of the brain related to sexual activity, causing repeated orgasms in a host. It is considered to be a party drug, as it makes users social and loving, but also straight forward and stupid. It can increase a bodies reflexes as the mind is set into overdrive. Most people do not get addicted quickly, as it is only used on occasion, but addiction is a very real possibility. It imposes a -2 penalty on any Mental rolls, -1 on strength, stamina, manipulation and composure rolls, but grants a +1 on dexterity and a +3 on Presence (with a max of 5).

Drugs, Contraband and other illegal Activities

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