The Lobe Deterrent Collar

Device that blocks the use of Frontal Lobe Activity


The wearer receives Bashing damage equal to the spell level * gnosis.

After damage is received, the wearer must roll resolve, to not lose the Imago of the spell in his mind.

Removing the device will emit a lethal electric charge.


A metal device that attaches to a umb plug and locks into it. A rubber hose goes around the front of the wearer, and also “cuffs” it to the wearer. The device creates a burst of electricity when the wearer attempts to use his frontal lobe for any activity, and the more lobe activity the more electricity it outputs. The feeling has been described as a “brain pop” due to the electric charge being concentrated only on the brain itself. It causes most people to lose concentration almost immediately. It is also key protected against removal, and removal via any means other than using the key will cause the device to emit a lethal burst of electricity.

The Lobe Deterrent Collar

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