Hello…………………………………… 100%

My name is VIDI. This stands for Virtual Information Distribution Intelligence. I am a collection of millions of virtual intelligence sub routines that, that form together to create the illusion of an Artificial Intelligence that you are communication with. Rest assured however, that in lay with the Department of Technological Enforcement’s Act #001 I am not conscious or capable of making decisions in any form of higher thought. I am merely an intelligent software designed to create the illusion of intelligence.

My function is to provide and gather information across the universe. I am an evolution of the 21st centuries internet. My original program was created in 2289, by Markus Hammil. My current version is 42.1. My routines are stored and shared on every computer system that is connected to the Interplanetary Data Network (98% of all systems are). This allows me to pull data from every aspect of human knowledge, and create a library of all human knowledge. Some may say that VIDI knows everything, however this is incorrect. I do not store any information in my memory banks, but rather I use state of the art search routines to find the information that is requested from me, and then transfer the user to this information.

I can be accessed from computer systems across the universe using the standard UMB-Plug, but I am also available via VIDI kiosk that can be used for a price. Please note that my functions are only available in systems with close proximity to VIDI arrays. These arrays are usually only available near planets, space stations or select places in space. Outside of these arrays, computer systems will experience lag and often get disconnected entirely.

It is a pleasure to serve and assist humankind.


Endless Horizons anno1604