Vendio Beach

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“Come relax and watch the earth come up at scenic Vendio Beach casino, resort and spa!

Leave your troubles behind, and relax in one of our 200 swimming pools! We have over 400 hot tubs publicly available, and many more in each of our luxury suites.

Come join us for our 50th anniversary, and celebrate as the UTW grants Vendio Beach colony status! We’re the only relaxation destination that has it’s own sub ether net and currency!

Our many suites will amaze you, with an amazing view of the tropical rain forests imported straight from earth! We have many animals, some of which are even extinct! GO on a safari on the lunar surface, or kick back and watch earth.

Vendio Beach, you’re only one dome away from Happiness. "

Vendio Beach is a luxury casino, spa and resort that is an evolution of the 21st centuries Las Vegas. It is one of the largest Dome Cities in the universe. On the verge of receiving colony status by the UTW, Vendio Beach already has it’s own currency and is largely considered a town of it’s own.

Classification: Dome City on lunar surface of Earth’s Moon
Time: Earth like 7 day week is simulated, 29.5 earth days per moon day otherwise
Seasons: none. Tropical climate simulated
Industry: Entertainment, Relaxation
System: Earth Solar System
Gravity: Earth like gravity simulated
Atmosphere: none outside of dome
Weather: none
Criminal Element: Minor to none
Government: Woodlesworth Industries (Company owned colony)


People here are usually dressed casually. Vendigo Beach simulates a warm summer atmosphere combined with an ocean breeze. This means a lot of people wear swimming suits or shorts. Very few people are seen in serious or business atire.

Vendio Beach

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