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The United Terran Worlds was formed in the 2289, as a result of humanity no longer adhering to country boundaries, due to the vastness of space. One unified central government, allowed colonies to govern themselves, while still being part of a greater system.

Every potential colony that establishes itself under UTW control, must go through a strict approval process, and is then given Colony Status. Once this is granted, a colony must follow a democratic system and the base laws of the UTW, but may have slight changes and differences, much like the U.S.A. of the 21st century.

The UTW is ruled at the head by a council of 15 council members, one for each colony in UTW space and 1 extra one for the DTE. These council members rule by majority vote on all decisions concerning the UTW.

The UTW has 6 different branches, that work together to make the whole of the UTW.

Scientific: The scientific branch is for research and exploration. This is the UTW’s personal R&D department, and it is used to discover things that all of mankind can benefit from.

Legislative: The governing branch. This branch is where the 15 council members sit.

Enforcement: This is the law branch. This branch contains the Police force and legal system of the UTW, including public defenders. Much like in the 21st century.

Defense: This is the military branch of the UTW.

Education: This branch governs the many education programs throughout the UTW. This also includes recondition and rehabilitation.

Nutrition: This branch governs the food production and distribution across the universe. While Food production exists mostly in the private sector, this branch makes sure that those private sectors are governed and taken care of. This branch also governs the strict food cloning procedures.

The 14 colonies of the UTW are:

Vendio Beach
Logan’s Rest
New China
New Liberty
Xiu Shu
New Bangkok
Long Dust



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