Trucido Order

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The Trucido order goes back all the way to the very beginnings of Mage Society, ever since there have been things that go bump in the night, there has been the Trucido Order. They claim to have been founded by the collective will of Mage Society during the age of Atlantis, when too many threats were gathering against them. They are a special group of Mages that are tasked to hunt down and fight threats to awakened society first, and humanity in general second. Mostly these threats are supernatural in origin, but not always. They are just as likely to kill a corrupt politician ready to slaughter a cabal, as they are a coterie of vampires. The order has rules that they must obey, that was supposedly set before them by the collective Mage society during their founding.

1. Only kill what must be killed. Do not take a live lightly, even that of a creature beyond understanding.
2. Beware the darkness within you. Dealing with corruption threatens to corrupt yourself. If the darkness begins to take over, you will be dealt with swiftly and without mercy.
3. Never aid those that you must destroy. The enemy are those that would harm us and humanity. Aiding them will corrupt you, and you will be dealt with.

In recent days, the order is based out of the Long Dust Consilium under the rule of Hierarch Gathaspa, which is revered by many to be the finest leader of Mages in many centuries. They receive messages every day, after which they send out a squad of Mages to investigate. They also have some of the most sophisticated VIDI integration, constantly scanning the nets for reports of strange or concerning matters, which they then also investigate.

When new recruits join the order, they undergo a trial period, during which they are partnered with a Magister. Magisters are high ranking Trucido order members that have at least ten years of experience in the field, and have seen their share of trouble. To be called a Magister is a great honor, as it means that ones actions have been deemed worthy enough to teach a new generation of members. Usually such a paring lasts about one year, in which the Magister accompanies his student on all missions.

Among the Trucido order, a different sort of mage hierarchy exits. Rank is very important, and highly honored. The very bottom of the chain are Newlings. The Mages that are still in training, and require a Magister to show them the ropes. Once a mage has gained enough experience to advance, he is made a squire. Squires are usually assigned to a squad, and help out the knights of the squad. They do the work that is deemed to be unimportant or non dangerous, and also deemed less honorable. Once a squire has demonstrated great honor, he is knighted. Knights are the basic backbone of every Trucido Squad. They are the ones that do the brunt of the hunting, fighting and investigating. They receive access to the Trucido order’s network and resources. When a knight has shown his honor and capability as a leader, he is awarded a lordship. Lords are the squad leaders, and battlemasters of the order. They command squads and often follow them into the fray. They also receive their own room among the order, and may roam the order’s compound freely. After many dedicated years as a Lord, the Hierarch may appoint them to be Siege Lords. Siege Lords very rarely go into combat, and command many squads at once. They are the strategists, commanding the Lords below them. From a siege lord position, one can be promoted to be a councilor on the high court. There is only 1 per order, and this is a great honor. The hierarch oversees the meetings of the council.
These ranks are taken very seriously, and it is required for a person of lower rank than another to refer to them by their title and name. Failure to do so may cause a duel to erupt, but is not strictly agains the law. It is viewed as a dishonor.
Note: Squads are usually cabals, very tight knit groups of squires and knights. While they must speak to each other with respect, they all hold very honorable positions.

Status 0 – Newling
Status 1 – Squire
Status 2 – Knight
Status 3 – Lord
Status 4 – Siege Lord
Status 5 – Councilor or Hierarch

Trucido Order

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