The Hall

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The Hall was discovered in 2099 on Mars, and is the only known object of an alien civilization found to date. It is a gigantic building, that stretches across 50 kilometers and also goes deep underground. It’s discovery changed humanity forever and caused the influx of space travel that created the society that we live in today.

At first it was mostly buried underneath Mars’s top soil, however it was excavated over a period of 20 years. The Hall itself was covered in strange runes, and the material it is made out of was until then completely new to man. Later dubbed Warneridium, it was found to be a synthetic that humanity could easily recreate, and became the foundation of construction and space travel.

In 2121, Doctor Vladimir Vir lead an expedition to the Hall, and discovered that by pushing a certain order of runes, a entrance to the large structure would open. Dr. Vir then lead a expedition deep into the Hall, and return with several Alien Artifacts. The two most notable ones are the DMCD and Nanocrobics. Also he discovered that The Hall was an outpost for an alien species that has long since died, that pop culture dubbed the Vir.

Today The Hall is still being explored by military personal, and is directly connected to the Zeta 3 military installation. Civilians are not allowed into the Hall, and all information about The Hall is top secret and not available to the public. The general public does not know what is inside the Hall, but there definitely have been people that went in that never returned.

The Hall

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