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Space Ship Rules
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Space Craft

With the discovery of Warneridium and the DMCD, Space travel became very common. As colonies started to pop up across the universe, Spacecrafts of all shapes and sizes became a large manufacturing initiative. The spacecraft and shuttle industry replaced the automobile industry, in the public sector. There is too many spacecrafts in existence to go into all of them, however there is a few things that can be generalized about them.

Weaponry: Only military ships are allowed to carry any form of weaponry. Military ships usually carry 105mm auto cannons as well as matter driver cannons and laser based weapons.

Sizes: Ships are categorized by size. Civilians are only allowed to own Scout – Large sized ships.

1. Scout
2. Shuttle
3. Cruiser
4. Medium
5. Large
6. Giant
7. Gargantuan
8. Goliath

Technologies: Most ships operate through a direct user link, through an UMB-Plug. Larger ships required multiple plug-ins, due to the complex nature of controlling such a large vessel. For communication, most ships use ions treated with DMCD energy to send messages faster than light speed across the universe.


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