Serpent Sector

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A sector of space about 22 light years away from earth. It is named the Serpent Sector, due to it’s shining nebula that’s roughly in the shape of snake. The sector contains 4 solar systems, with several planets, none of which are inhabitable. (though several Dome Cities do exist) The Serpent Sector is also the home of The Serpentine Republic, which is the only other human nation, not affiliated with the UTW.

It was originally chosen as a target for colonization, because of the rich mineral and mineral deposits found in the area, and is still the biggest exporter of those products.


Due to it’s mining roots, the Serpent Sector dresses cleverly, not pretty. Usually people will wear tough, fiber mesh clothing that quick dries and is rip and tear resistant. They usually also wear tools and mining gear on their person, and often wear shielders to block falling debris. The space faring portion will still dress more functionally, and often wear space suits or whole body exo suits (hard material suit, that uses surface area tension to increase muscle strength and durability).

Serpent Sector

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