Rosenfeld is a Dome City on Planet Cairo. Due to the Zeta installation on the other side of the planet, citizenship is only allowed after passing an extended series of tests and receiving a citizenship license. Planet Cairo once used to be a habitual world, millions of years ago, but due to shifts in the sun’s solar energy the planet no longer is habitual normally. However the soil on Rosenfeld is extremely fertile, and is perfect for large scale farming. Rosenfeld is the prime exporter of flowers and fresh vegetables in the universe. Xenoform plants have also crept up underneath the Dome, that are being researched for their potential.

Classification: Dome City
Time: Earth Simulated
Seasons: none
Industry: Uncloned Flower and Vegetables as well as Xenoform plant research
System: 1 sun, 3 planetoids
Gravity: earth simulated
Atmosphere: None
Weather: None
Criminal Element: NONE (UTW Controlled Citizenship)
Government: Democracy


Casual, soft clothing.


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