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|_Welcome, my name is VIDI, which stands for Virtual Information Distribution Intelligence. My function is to provide you, and upload all information that has been designated as vital for your operation. _|

|__You are subject XMLL_00011101001, designated as a Class B Clone (infiltration or direct copy). You are a <\HUMAN BEING\>. There are a lot of <\HUMANS\>, roughly 650 billion that you share the Universe with. Together you make up <\HUMANITY\>, and the majority of all life in the Universe. _|

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|_In this module, I will teach you the basic history that has been deemed necessary for your development. _|

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Loading Sub-Module Century: 21st

|_Humanity’s scientific exploration began to explode in the early 20th, and during the 21st century. It was in the 21st century that the first manned mission to Mars occurred. It took the combined effort of the world’s governments (the globe was split up into “countries” at the time) to achieve this goal. In order to built a launch platform for this, a base was build on the moon (Luna: A rocky barren moon. 4 bases exist today: Vendio Beach, Zeta 1, Zeta 2 and New Bangkok) where the future space craft that would carry astronauts to Mars was build.

In 2089 the mars mission was a go, and with new technologies at the time it took only 4 months to get to Mars. After a successful exploration effort, it would only take 2 years before the first colonies were built on mars, which were for mere scientific research purposes. Automated transport ships were sent back and forth to bring supplies and bring back research. In 2099 what is commonly qualified as the biggest discovery in human history occurred, with the discovery of The Hall. The Hall is a gigantic building, almost 50 kilometers in diameter that was buried underneath Mars’s top soil and the structure was clearly of alien design and construction. The discovery of proof of alien life caused all of the world governments to band together and to continue investigating this structure.

Over the next 15 years the structure was further studied and excavated but without any new discoveries. The outside walls of the structure appeared to be made of a composite material that was stronger than the strongest materials found on earth, but after extended research was found to be made of the materials found on mars. Reverse engineering of this material caused an influx of new Mars colonies and Mars based construction facilities. Warneridium (named after James Warner, the scientist that discovered it) quickly became the standard for space travel and is still used today in every space craft build by the human race. However even after 15 years of research, The Hall appeared to be closed off to humans, with no visible means of entry.

In 2119 The Hall was completely excavated, and one spot was found to be different from the rest. One spot on the walls was covered with strange runes and drawings that nobody could read or make sense of. In 2121 the current research team on mars discovered that when a certain combination of runes was touched, a secret entrance would open. At this point, all excavations and further research into The Hall is top secret. All the general public knows is that several Alien Artifacts were recovered from the sight, and that The Hall is significantly larger than expected, with rooms stretching deep underground. Nobody knows who the species that built The Hall were, but it is believe they are long extinct. Pop culture calls them the Vir, after Doctor Vladimir Vir, who was the primary researcher into the Alien Artifacts.

Many of the Alien Artifacts discovered were reversed engineered into technology that was the base for technology we still use today. The two largest discoveries were Nanocrobic Robotic systems and the Dimensional Matter Conversion Device (hence forth referred to as the DMCD).
Nanocrobic systems is the genetic manufacturing of microscopic organisms that work to the benefit of its host (or damage their target) in some way. They are similar to nano machines, however the technology for Nanocrobics exploded because of the easy and cheap manufacturing compared to nano machines. Today Nanocrobics are used in almost every imaginable way, from medicine to warfare.

The DMCD began the area of human space exploration. The technology converts the matter within a structure and everything within it into a different form of tachyon based energy, allowing everything within its influence to slightly shift dimensions, therefore ignoring some of the laws of physics in our dimension. This allows space ships to enter a form of Extra dimensional Space, or how the modern space industry refers to it “Hyper Space”. By 2150 personal Spacecrafts became common, and “space vacations” common place. General mining and entertainment colonies were set up all over the galaxy, as earth’s population slowly grew. _|

Loading Sub-Module Century: 23rd

|_By the 23rd century, humanity had learned to terraform planets, allowing humanity to live in previously uninhabitable worlds. No planet besides earth has been found to date which is capable to support human life. A few alien “animals” that are capable of surviving in extreme conditions have been discovered, but none are truly considered “remarkable”. Earth’s governments have consolidated themselves into one galactic government, the United Terran Worlds (UTW), which still governs most human controlled space today. In the UTW system, every colony is forced to establish a democratic system of government immediately upon creation, with minor changes and differences allowed, much like the “States” of the United States from long ago. The UTW’s headquarters are located on earth, and one representative of every official human colony (15 in total) makes up the “council” of representatives, which govern everything.

Fifty years prior to the founding of the UTW, a cluster of mining colonies in the Serpent Sector seceded from humanity to form a sovereign state. The Serpentine Republic succeeded from UTW, after a small armed conflict. The exact cause of the conflict is unknown however <\UTW ATTEMPTED A PEACEFUL RESOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS. THE SERPENTINE REPUBLIC ATTACKED THE UTW FIRST. LONG LIVE THE UTW\>. The Serpentine Republic quickly came out ahead in the conflict after the invention of the Energy Disruption module, which keeps Matter to Dimensional Energy conversion from occurring. This means that space ships within its range are unable to enter or exit Hyper space. This simply meant that the military forces could not reach The Serpentine Republic, and therefore the conflict came to a quick end. Today the UTW and The Serpentine Republic have a <\COMPLETELY STABLE\> truce. The Energy Disruption Module is a military only technology today, and civilians are not allowed access to it.

In the 23rd century, a very large problem arose across the universe. Technology was moving and being developed faster than anybody could keep up with, creating strange “ micro singularities”, or events in which a new technology is created that is so far ahead of it’s time that it causes mass destruction and panic. This led to a wide spread fear that the “ True Singularity” (when technological progress becomes very rapid due to positive feedback, making the future after the Singularity qualitatively different and hard to predict) was approaching. The UTW founded the Department of Technological Enforcement, the main purpose of which is to prevent the True Singularity by stopping and preventing micro singularities. This means they very closely monitor and restrict all new technologies that are created, and governs what is considered safe or unsafe for public use. Technologies that are deemed so dangerous that they may bring about The Singularity, are stored in a massive vault which’s location is unknown. DTE agents are authorized to use technologies that are completely unheard of and mostly found strange by the general public, such as a modification of the DMCD that allows agents to enter a near invisible state where they turn into “living shadow”, earning them their nickname “ Shadows”. _|

Loading Sub-Module Century: 25th

|_In 2447, the UTW discovered a massive collective of spaceships forming in a Dark Sector (a sector of space in which little to no light exists, because of various different conditions that are as of yet unexplained) just at the edge of human controlled space. The collective was so large (500 thousand ships) that the UTW did not engage it immediately as standard protocol dictates. A large UTW force started to gather to deter any hostile action, however they remained stationary and far away from the cluster. More and more ships kept coming in over the next few months, and as the cluster gained critical mass (about 23,000 ships) after 6 months of gathering, a signal was sent from the depths of the cluster. The signal was sent using an unknown technology, that enabled ever ship in the cluster to act like a amplifier, causing the signal to be heard all over UTW space. Every device capable of displaying an image was somehow forced to display the message. A gray haired man wearing a blue business suit appeared on screen. The room he stood in was completely dark, and his face was illuminated by the glimmer of a computer screen. The message was simple, yet it became one of the largest historic events in human history.

Loading Initial S.E.N.E. Message|=======| 100%

Vampires are real. We have always been real, and we have existed alongside humanity for thousands of years. We are, however, not the monsters that human culture makes us out to be. We’re kind and we’re wise. We have discovered a section of space where we can exist in harmony and peace. A section of space where paradise is a reality. We call it New Eden. We shall hence form be known as The Sanguine Empire of New Eden, a new empire, a new beginning. We are heading towards a paradise unimaginable for even us, and we want to extent a welcoming hand. Any human that wishes to join us, may do so. We are of peace, and of joy. Come join us in paradise.”

At first the message was believed to be a hoax, but as the vampires moved to New Eden, more and more messages were sent. UTW command began to refer to it as “Message bombardment”. Information began to appear on the Data net, about Vampires and their history. Vampires began to be studied, and more and more it became realized that they were a reality. Panic turned to curiosity, as thousands of humans boarded so called “Paradise Ships”, headed for New Eden. Humans that entered New Eden would send messages back about how they want to never leave, and how it is the most amazing place in the galaxy. This caused more and more people to head to New Eden. By the time the UTW declared the blockade of the S.E.N.E., 956,000 humans had already traveled to New Eden.

The UTW demanded back the humans that had left, however S.E.N.E. refused, stating that every human came of their own free will and is staying for the same reason. A few dog fights and minor battles later, it was very clear that the vampires had technologies that humanity did not. Mysterious tech that could render ships invisible and strange weaponry that would immobilize everybody onboard a star ship, but not kill them. The UTW has the numbers to keep the S.E.N.E. in check however, and so the minor conflicts began a uneasy Cold War.

Rumors began to spread about “Harvest Ships”, crafts that flew through space and hijacked transport crafts and harvested all the humans on board for their blood. This was later traced back to a UTW source, and so the UTW propaganda campaign began. The Cold War still goes on today. We still know almost nothing about the Vampires, as nobody that goes to New Eden, ever comes back. There are several religious and social movements that preach the word of New Eden, and that vampires are the salvation of humanity. UTW put a ban on such groups, however the literature and information is still widely available. <\REMEMBER, IF IT HAS FANGS, IT’S NOT HUMAN. Vampires ARE THE ENEMY, AND THEY MUST BE ERADICATED! LONG LIVE THE UTW!\>_|

Loading Sub-Module Century: 27th (Present Time)

|_Today, space is an uneasy place. The UTW controls and monitors all interplanetary travel very closely, as they fear more humans leaving for New Eden. The DTE was raised in status, and is now allowed to operate outside the law in order to protect humanity. The Council added an additional representative, which represents the DTE interest, and allows the DTE to effectively govern itself. 95% of all DTE research projects are top secret and not known to the public. Planets with DTE installations are considered to be military property and are off limits, and protected with defensive structures that are capable of shooting Goliath class ships out of the sky.

DTE has been busy, as in the last 10 years reports of humans with strange abilities have become common place. The first such report originated on the Gabriella Markinson’s Mining Outpost in the Tretetra Astroid Cluster. A teenage miner started reporting headaches and nose bleeds, and three hours later that same miner stumbled into the commons area of the mining outpost and exploded with psychic energy, not only killing every person on the outpost, but also detaching it from the asteroid and causing it to be completely destroyed. The same happened again and again, all over UTW space. The DTE stepped up and discovered that those humans seemed to have strange brain structures and brainwave patters. For the safety of humanity, random brain wave scans are issued at key times throughout UTW space. Potential Empaths are arrested and put in protective custody for the safety of all around them. _|

|This concludes the history module. Stand by for the Modern Day Living Module|

Loading Module: Modern Day Living |=========|100%

|__Every human being begins live with an injection of standard medical nanocrobes, a chip implant and a UMB-Plug insertion. The nanocrobes monitor the general health and wellbeing of it’s host, and in the event of a medical emergency trigger a signal that alerts authorities to send help. These nanocrobes are often modified to achieve many other things, such as skin pigmentation changes, genetic markup changes etc… All birth nanocrobes are tailored to the genetic profile of the human they are injected into, and those nanocrobes stay with that person their entire life. All further injections of nanocrobes, only modify the genetic code of the birth nanocrobes, to alter their behaviors. These are the same nanocrobes that act as universal translators and allow every nation to keep their languages, while everyone in the universe can still understand each other.

The standard recognition chip, is also implanted at birth. These chips are used to identify a person with a simple slide of a scanner. This means a human carries their identity with them at all times, and this includes electronic copies of all important documents that used to be paper such as passports, birth records, citizen ship status etc… It is said that these chips are also used to track humans across the universe <\BUT THOSE CLAIMS ARE FALSE, AND TRAITOROUS. ALL CLAIMS OF THE UTW TRYING TO TRACK ITS CITIZENS WILL BE DENIED AND PUNISHED\>.

The UMB-Plug is also usually implanted at birth, though certain factions or classes of families choose not to have them implanted. The UMB-Plug is how humanity communicates with the machine world. It is a direct brain stem bridge to a mechanical component, if it’s a space ship or a vending machine, the UMB-Plug is somehow involved. It is a small stainless steel plug “hole” the size of a 21st century quarter, that is often covered by nanocrobic skin regeneration technology. It most notably allows humans to connect to myself (VIDI) and collect information from humanities common knowledge database.
Most humans have similar life experiences. From birth, to about 6 months of age, they are connected to a Rapid Learning Apparatus, that teaches newborns about important topics such as language and bowel support. This means a child of age 1 can usually already talk and walk, and understand basic language, mathematics and science.

At age 4, a child usually attends a preschool, where they are taught the old fashion way, in order to make sure children can problem solve and think on the fly. Overuse of machine learning has the side effect of inability to learn otherwise.
School starts at 7 and concludes at age 18. At this age, a student has 3 choices. If the student has chosen his profession, he may go to a college to further study it and then slowly transition into his position. A student may also elected to be assigned a position. If a position is assigned by the government, all school costs are covered by the UTW, however this way a student cannot be sure what his future holds, as a job is assigned by neural scan. The third option is to opts out of either choices and either live of the government of live of family wealth. This option is restricted and only allowed for handicapped or very rich individuals. Once a profession has been chosen, it is written onto the recognition chip. This does not mean that an individual has to stay with the same profession forever. After 5 years of work, an individual is allowed to make a job transfer request, which allows them to make the above choices once more. This means that the galaxy has very little homelessness, as everybody has a job assigned to them. People that get a total of 60 days of job avoidance in a row, are marked Outlaws and deemed unfit by society. An outlaw is entered into the outlaw database, and bounty hunters across the universe make a living capturing them. Once an Outlaw is brought in, (if they’re alive) they are either imprisoned for life, reconditioned, or killed (whatever the situation calls for).

Other than that, a modern human enjoys many benefits in entertainment and wellbeing. With Bioenhancements and Nanocrobics, a normal human life span has been extended to about age 150. Almost all diseases can be cured with Nanocrobics, though disease contraction is extremely low, due to the increased immune system boost Nanocrobics give.
Most humans travel on planets occurs by either personal shuttles or public transit shuttles, while interworld travel occurs by ship. __|

|This concludes the history modules. You have been classified a <\REPRODUCTION\>, and therefore you will now be uploaded with <\THE MEMORIES OF THE PERSON YOU ARE REPLACING\>.|

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The year is 2667.
Have a pleasant day!

Player Guide

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