New Merits

Listed is a Collection of Merits. Most require special cases, and have those listed under “Prerequisite”.

Zero Gravity Training •
Effect: Your character has either had specific training in zero gravity in a trade school, military academy or on the job, or has spend enough time in Zero Gravity to know how to move. This eliminates the -2 penalty to physical a actions and speed in space. The character still can’t move when there is nothing to push against, but knows perfectly how much pressure to use and how to aim when there is.

Wireless UMB
Effect: A specialized UMB plug is implanted, which does not require cables to connect with Machines. Instead, a host can connect to as many machines as he has wits simultaneously, within 15 feet. This works by sending specialized transmissions towards the machine’s port, that then reads it just like a plug was inserted. Most machines these days support wireless plugs, but in case they don’t, an emergency wire is still attached to the plug.

Biotech Surgery Training •••
Effect: Through years of study and learning how to work with both machines and medicine, you have gained the ability to instal and maintain biotech. Make an extended Intelligence+Medicine roll, where the target is the dot Rating of the Merit*5, each roll being 1 hour. If this is not achieved in the dice pool amount of rolls, the surgery was a failure and must be attempted again after the patient had at least 3 days of rest.

Mechanical Self Enhancement (Biotech)

Biotech is a rapidly expanding world. It involves actually fusing human with machine. The first step in this was the UMB plug, and today many more such things exist. Biotech isn’t all easy to come by, or even legal, and the legality of a tech is described on each merit. Since this involves heavy surgery, downtown describes how long it will take for the character to undergo surgery and be back on his feet. Finally, some biotech is internal and unnoticeable by the eye, but others are outward and very noticeable. Because of this, the Penalty describes the penalty to any social rolls the character will suffer. Note that all of these require a biotech surgeon to actually instal the devices. All Biotech has the emp weakness, which will disable them if they take more than 3 damage from emp, until they are fixed by a biotech surgeon.

Targeting Module •••
Legality: Legal
Downtime: 1 week
Penalty: 0
Effect: One eye is replaced by a fake machine eye, that looks exactly like the real one. The machine eye has inbuilt targeting software and sensors, that aid the user in Finding the best trajectory to shoot or throw a weapon. This grants a +1 penalty to firearms or throwing rolls, as long as the target is within the devices maximum range (100 yards). This also completely makes partial cover meaningless, as with the targeting sensor hitting is no problem.

Stun Transmitter •••
Legality: Illegal
Downtime: 2 weeks
Penalty: 0
Effect: Once per scene, the character can emit a stun blast around himself. All characters around him have to make a stamina+resolve roll, vs the users dex+3 (3 is the device bonus) All effected lose as many turns as the difference. During which their nervous system is effectively paused. When they awake, they will not remember what happened, and it will appear as if they have lost time. The transmission is a sound that directly targets certain parts of the brain. A person can be “shaken out of it” by simply touching them and giving them a good shake or push. This Device is implanted into the vocal system, and the sound emitted is from the users throat.

Nanocrobial Self Enhancement (Crobes)

Nanocrobes are injected into a host, which then alter the genetic code of the prime crobes already in the hosts system, to achieve new effects. Nanocrobes, just like biotech varies in legality. There is also a time for them to “kick in” as changing the full genetic code of nanocrobes is a slow process. During this time, a user is at a -1 for all physical actions, as they find themselves sluggish and slow. Some Nanocrobes also cause side effects, but usually the benefit outweighs them.

Reactive Armor ••
Legality: Legal
Time to Work: 3 days
Penalties: none/-1
By teaching the nanocrobes to predict tissue damage, by interacting with a hosts nervous system, they can learn to protect their host just before damage is inflicted. By chaining together various proteins, they create a thin but structural sound shield that creates a form of natural Armor. This armor appears as a gray coating on the hosts skin, that breaks and reforms as the host moves about. This armor can be activated at will, or is activated as the host is about to receive damage. This armor stays active for 10 minutes after the last threatening attack was made, and cannot be removed otherwise. While the armor is up, hosts suffer a -1 penalty to social actions. 1/1 stacks with other armors

New Merits

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