New Liberty

New Liberty was and still is the biggest Space ship construction yard in the universe. The yard itself orbits New Liberty’s planet, which in itself is unlivable to humans, but bears incredibly metal deposits, perfect for a large ship construction. The citizens all live in the large space structure that orbits the planet, which also connects to the space yard. The structure is considered to be a space station, and would be the largest if not for New Liberty. The yard constructs over a thousand ships every earth year, making it the most productive in the universe.

Classification: Space Station, in orbit of New Liberty planet
Time: earth days respected and siumlated
Seasons: none
Industry: Space Ships
System: 1 sun, 8 planetoids
Gravity: earth like simulated
Atmosphere: Earth Like
Weather: none
Criminal Element: Low to None
Government: Democracy


Industrial clothing. Heavy boots, hardhats.

New Liberty

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