New China

When the UTW was formed, the Chinese government would only join in a united space exploring government under certain conditions. One of those, was once space settlement became a reality they were guaranteed their own pick of colony. New China is the result of that deal, and it holds on strongly to it’s Chinese roots. New China began as a Dome City, as the planet was unable to support human life. However in the age of terraforming, New China became the first world to receive and complete terraforming. Many of the buildings on New China still resemble the ancient Chinese style, and many people decorate their belongings the traditional way. Being as steeped in tradition as it is, it is hard to believe that New China is the center of weapons research for the government. Not just that however, but all technological research is at a high on New China. Just recently CypterTel has been declared the UTW’s most influential and wealthy company. CyperTel’s headquarters and main research divisions are stationed on New China. Parts of the planet still remain harsh deserts, and those parts are extensively used for weapons research.

Classification: Type 2 Terraformed Planet. Sparse planetlife and harsh conditions.
Time: 1 New China day = 22 earth days.
Seasons: It is very hot, and tropical above and below the equator where most people life. Winter is only marked as the time of year where the temperature is below 90. The hot season lasts 10 earth years and the cold season lasts 2.
Industry: Technology and Weapons Research
System: 1 red dwarf, 4 other planetoids. Large asteroid cluster on outskirts
Gravity: Near Earth like 0.8g.
Atmosphere: Similar to Earth, but a lot more fragile and prone to sun spot disturbances.
Weather: Extreme sun, with very rare rainfall. Snow during the cold season.
Criminal Element: Medium. UTW control appears stable.
Government: Democratic Republic


Very business like, and neat. Sloppiness of dress is not tolerated, and people, even visitors, that are deemed to not be dressed appropriately are pulled aside and explained the rules. Suits are a norm, with shirts and ties being the lowest acceptable for men.

New China

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