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Nanocrobics were first discovered with the discovery of The Hall on Mars. They are a small organisms that are created through cloning and genetic modification. They are capable of machine interaction, which means they are the real counterpart of the fictional “nano machines”. Nanocrobes are first injected into humans at birth. That first batch of “crobes”, is the most basic form, and is mostly used for health monitoring and emergency rescue contact. Throughout a human’s life, he will receive more injections of nanocrobes, however the function of any nanocrobe injection after the first is simply to change the genetic code of the nanocrobes already in the hosts system. This allows further injections to change the function of the main crobes already inside of a host.

Nanocrobes feed of waste matter in the hosts body, which means that a host does not have to eat or drink more to sustain them. They are classified “symbiotic” organisms, though really Nanocrobes do not required much of their hosts.

Nanocrobes can also be used as a weapon, and are commonly used as such by the military. The release of Nanocrobes into the air of, that override a person’s nanocrobes to no longer be recognized as part of that person’s body, will cause a violent immune system response that leads to death within hours.

Nanocrobes are also used in machine host interactions, especially between UMB-Plug and super computer interaction, as this can be stressful on the host.

Some Uses for Nanocrobes:
Custodial Maintenance
Entertainment (video games make some use of nanocrobes, as do certain movies)
Emergency Response
Reproductive Aid


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