Modern Weapons Technology

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Weapons have both advanced greatly, and mostly stayed the same over the last centuries. The bulk of weapons technology still uses the basic projectile methods that have been used for hundreds of years, but with improved designs. A few specialty weapons exist, that utilize more modern ideas, such as lasers, plasma or even DMCD technology, though these are vastly reserved for the military sector.
Due to the large amounts of Dangers in space, Weapons for personal defense are still greatly used and can be legally acquired. All weaponry, including firearms and melee weapons, are categorized in a three category system.
Green (T1) are the cheapest and easiest weapons to acquire. They are the most commonly used among civilians due to the easy licensing and non existent wait time. Green weaponry contains the bulk of all non-lethal weaponry as well as most sing handed weaponry such as pistols and knives, but also contains spread weaponry and minor rifles.
Purple (T2) are weapons that can still be acquired by civilians, however at a much larger costs, very long wait times and intense paper work. This category includes automatic weaponry, as well as explosives.
Red (T3) are military grade weaponry. This is restricted to only the security and defense branches of the UTW. It is highly illegal to own unauthorized Red weaponry, and it is harshly punished. T3 weapons are classified as incredibly dangerous, and contain a lot more fancy weaponry, such as Laser Rifles, Plasma Projectors, DMCD grenades and field generators and so on.

While most ranged weaponry still utilizes projectiles, the method of delivery has changed over the years. Due to the inefficiencies of controlled hand held explosions to deliver a projectile to it’s target, many different accelerators where used and advanced upon through the years. The current used method is laser infraction. Bullets are loaded with tiny helium, Warneridium mixture pockets in the base. Weaponry uses a laser array to not only ignite the air pockets inside the bullet chambers, but also causes a effect known as the “Round about”. The super heated air around the bullet combined with the helium Warneridium mixture, causes air to rotate rapidly within the chamber causing the bullet to spin and be ejected at near light speeds. Some other weapons also utilize another technology on top of this, to make the shot even more accurate known as laser tunneling. This involves shooting a super hot laser beam towards the target a split second before the bullet is ejected, which gives the bullet an easy path to travel.

The UTW closely monitors all weaponry, and requires all of it’s citizens to register their weapons and license themselves. In the influx of space travel, it became harder and harder to monitor weaponry and this created the large black market that still exists today. It is assumed that 2 out of 5 civilians have illegal unregistered weapons. While it was unable to better control gun distribution, the UTW did make a large step forward in controlling gun violence by requiring all ranged weaponry to be equipped with Remote Safety Mechanisms, which allows security and military personal to disable all non-military grade (below T3) weaponry through VIDI. Due to the increased risks of space travel, most spaceships enforce a strict Safety Field that causes all weaponry to be disabled immediately upon boarding. This means among space ships, it is common place for people to revert to hand to hand or melee combat.

Space Ship and mobile armaments of other kinds are classified anywhere from T1-T3 and have to be licensed through a special office.

The most common space ship weapon are normal Vulcan Defense Turrets, that fire .55 caliber armor piercing rounds at a rate of anywhere from 20 to 2000 bullets per second. Other common ship mounted weapons include, laser turrets (mostly used for missile defense), missile dispensers, atomic weaponry (not used often, but as a bargaining tool. The only weapon that can penetrate a Particle Shield Bridger) and DMCD field generators (mostly used for trash/small ship disposal).

(Use the weapons charts in the armory book, or the core book for standard weaponry. If you want to get more fancy, let me know. We will add more weapons here as they come up in the game.)

Modern Weapons Technology

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