Modern Transportation Technology

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Modern Transportation falls into two categories, short and long range.
Short range vehicles are Shuttles for the most part, only designed to travel on a non-hostile planet’s surface and for docking on larger space ships. Other forms of short range travel exists, such as trains, and ground based vehicles but those are rare. Shuttles also come in different models.

Blitzers are shuttles that are used in space only, to board other ships. They are equipped with specialized space engines, as well as weaponry and armor. (Size 25)

Trodders are shuttles that are designed for planetary movement, and only leave atmosphere to dock with a ship in orbit. They have very limited air and fuel supply, but have specialized engines for atmospheric travel. Size (Size 20)

Swimmers are shuttles that are designed for the pressures of underwater terrains. They are rarely used, other than on worlds where water is common. (Size 20)

Finally there is jumpers, which only recently made it to market. Jumpers are shuttles that are designed for short range hyperspace jumps, ideally between planets that are close together. This is the only type of shuttle that can be used to travel in space, and is still in testing and highly dangerous. One jump exausts the fuel supplies of that ship, rendering it useless until a “recovery party” rescues it. The only use for jumpers currently, is as escape shuttles. (Size 35)

Modern Transportation Technology

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