Modern Communication Technology

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As wide spread as VIDI is today, Communication has become a incredibly easy thing to achieve. Many different forms of communication exist, but the most common are listed below:

  • Personal Smart Communicators: PSC are the new standard in personal communication across the universe. These small devices directly plug into a persons UMB-Plug, from where it reads a persons mental output and projects data directly into the persons brain, which displays it to a person in a sort of HUD. Since the UMB-Plug is in use, all commands can be given via thoughts, which makes this devices incredibly useful and hated. (Due to people watching videos instead of listening to conversations). Functions include Messaging, Calls, VIDI access, games, music, recording etc. (basically all that a smartphone can do)
  • Handheld Smart Communicators: HSC are the handheld versions of PSCs. They have exactly the same functions, however because they do not plug into a persons UMB-Plug, they required the device to be handheld. The device itself uses a holo-projector to display holographic images on the device itself, or can also be set to a 2d display. While these devices are widely considered to be outdated, they are still being produced, advanced and are still widely popular, specifically among technicians or workers that must have their UMB-Plug connected to another device. There are those that also do not have U MB-Plugs, and this is the best way of communication for them.
  • Computer Terminals: VIDI Kiosks and personal computer terminals are all also capable of placing calls (video chat in most cases) and sending messages.
  • Short Range Communication: On space ships, out of the range of VIDI arrays, it is important to still be able to communicate. For short range communication, Micro Fission Burst are used. These are cheap pulses of light, that can travel in many directions at once, and that cannot be weakened by environmental interference.
  • Long Range Communication: Long Range communication is done in one of two ways. The cheaper, but slower way is Hyperspace messaging. This encodes a package with special DMCD energy. sending it directly through Hyper space. The more expensive, but almost immediate way of communications is Atom Entanglement. When atoms are entangled, the movement of one will also effect the other, intimidatingly and no matter what the distance. Entangled atoms only come in pairs, which means that this is a very limited form of communication.

In any case, all people have an online identity. Most access this through their personal communicators, but those without them have access from VIDI kiosks. “Calling” is no longer as it once was. Rather than having phone numbers, people are connected via Contacts. If somebody wants you to be able to contact them, they give you their contact ID and you add them. “Calls” are made directly from one device to the next via IPS Address. This is no longer refered to as Calling someone, rather than contacting them.
Video Chat is the most common form of communication, where two (or more!) people will see each other via holoscreens on their devices, and a camera cluster build into the device. Voice only calling is a possibility, but is not common anymore and is considered an odd practice. Besides this, people also have the ability to send each other “Messages”. Messages are a combination of what used to be emails and text messages, allowing a user to send text, video, images, sound or anything form of electronic media available. It is also possible to “Strike” a person, by which they receive a notification that you wish to establish a contact with them. This is very similar to Beepers.

Modern Communication Technology

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