Modern Armor Technology

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Personal Armor technology has advanced much in the last centuries. The discovery of gravity manipulation brought on a new type of armor, the gravity phase field. Gravity phase fields are a localized projection of gravitational forces, projected just over the skin of it’s user. This device is attached to the belt buckle or similar, and then fed into a special suit system that allows the field to form evenly. These fields effectively slow down any physical threat, except weaponry that travels close to or faster than the speed of light. This means that a individual has time to duck or jump out of the way of an incoming blow, or even deflect it. This type of technology is most effective against slower moving objects such as melee wepaons, and has less effect when used with faster moving objects such as bullets. This technology isn’t cheap however, and only Private Security Firms and individuals in the private sector such as bounty hunters have access to it. Also due to it being a machine based protection system, It can be disabled with EMP or similar things. The dampening effects of the device become stronger as the quality increases which means that the wearer is under increased gravitational pressure, making the device heavier and slowing down the user.
Otherwise, the cheaper alternative are Warneridium meshes, that combine light weight clothing with incredible protection. The issue is that this makes it very difficult to detect clothes that are armored versus clothes that aren’t, as armored clothing looks almost the same. Law Enforcement knows how to tell the difference, but among common folk it is usually impossible to tell. This type of armor is much better suited against projectile weaponry than melee attacks, as the mesh absorbs the pressure and explosive power much better. The downside is the lack of protection from melee weaponry and the higher the mesh yield, the heavier the clothing will get, making it harder to defend yourself or move.
If either of those are unavailable, or too expensive, many people in the universe still wear kevlar vests or padded protective clothing. It is NOT common among normal citizens to wear armor, as this is usually reserved for law enforcement or the military. People tend to be a bit mistrusting of people wearing armor in normal social settings.

Spaceships have a tough Warneridium reinforced hide. With recent strides in DMCD technology, most battle cruisers are now also equipped with Particle Shield Bridgers. This device creates a weak bubble of hyperspace disturbance combined with gravity thrust that uses the potential energy of an object against itself, causing anything moving incredibly fast to be vaporized by contact. This renders all modern weapons technology (except nuclear weapons) useless against such ships, which is why most ships have them today. This also is why most Space Battles are conducted via boarding, since the much slower moving and reinforced shuttle ships can pass through those fields without a problem.

Gravity Phase Armors:
Low End: rating: 2/1 str: 0 speed: 0 cost: 2
Standard: rating: 3/1 str: 1 speed: -1 cost: 3
Enhanced: rating: 4/2 str: 2 speed: -2 cost: 4

Warneridium Mesh (can be tailored to any clothing style):
4% mesh: rating 1/2 str: 0 def: 0 cost: 1
15% mesh: rating 1/3 str: 1 def: -1 cost: 2 (bulletproof)
25% mesh: rating 2/4 str: 2 def: -2 cost: 3 (bulletproof)

Note: Hybrids of the two exist, but are Military only

Modern Armor Technology

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