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The 27th century has seen many changes in the ways Mages have to operate. The same basic principals that has governed them throughout the centuries still applies. Mana is scarce in the universe, but hollows do exist due to mysterious Ley Lines in space that are still widely research but not yet understood. Due to the large influx of humanity, the mage population has increased as well. Mage Society still operates among humanity in secrecy, trying to awaken the race to their true roots.
Due to the Vampires, age old enemies of the Mages, revealing themselves to the world, many mages believe it is time for Mages to also come forth and leave Humanity behind. The cult of new Atlantis encompasses almost half of the modern day mage society. They believe that much like on earth, mages must leave humanity behind and create their new Atlantis. A place where mages are free to study magic and the universe without the pesky sleepers to keep them from reaching their full potential. This is contrary to what the rest of the mages believe, since they have to remain among humanity in order to Awaken the world.
There exist places in space, of complete darkness. Where the starlight that seems to be everywhere is blotted out. These places are called Dark Sectors and they have terrible consequences to Mages. In Dark Sectors or Atrum Terra among the mages, magic is completely unable to be used. Nobody knows why, but in Atrum Terra a Mage is just like a sleeper.

  • The Adamantine Arrow: Protection is more important than ever in a unforgiving universe. The arrow is now more than ever the military of the mage society. Most mages will not go on long trips without having a few of the arrow with them. Officials always travel with them, and very few Mage installations are not protected by at least a few of them.
  • The Free Council: Keeping up with the tradition of being the most modernized group among the mages, the free council is by far the most technological adept among all the mages. This group is often refereed to as “Techno Mages” due to their integration of magic with technology. The Free Council boast a vast array of hackers and engineers along side many other contacts via VIDI.
  • Guardians of the Veil: The Guardians of the Veil still operate greatly the same. Paradoxes are still punished harshly. The only difference now is that magic can take many different and much bigger forms than before. This means that the stakes are higher than ever, but they are more than happy to step up to the plate.
  • The Mysterium: The Mysterium now keeps most of it’s records on computers via help of the Free Council. They now also studio Dark Sectors, Space Ley Lines and also try to map out hollows in space.
  • The Silver Ladder: Still among the leaders and politicians, these days they are sternly found among UTW politics. Most fighting between the cult of new Atlantis and the rest of mage society happens within this group. They want to lead their bretherns to a new golden age of magic, while the other half wishes to simply prepare the universe for it’s awakening.
  • The Seers: They have not changed in all this time. They still believe the sleepers are our toys and the universe is our playground. As of late, they have begun to research the Dark Sectors, explaining that they believe them to be areas where the veil between our world and the abyss is weak. They believe that they may be able to pierce through this veil, and by crossing through the abyss may reach the supernal realm… they are madmen.
  • Banishers: Unfortunately, due to the large expanse of human colonization and the very little Consilium representation among all the colonies, Banishers are at a rise. Many awakened finds himself being afraid of his powers, with nobody able to explain their gifts, and turn to murder and violence.

There is no galactic Mage government. The old way of Hierarchs that rule over a region with use of their Consilium still applies today. The Hierarchs from the various region communicate among each other to keep each other in the loop. While there is no unifying body, Hierarchs are wise enough to not let the other mage Consiliums get out of touch.

Among Mages, it is not uncommon to have highly specialized space ships that rely less on the DMCD and more on magic travel.


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