Long Dust

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Long Dust is the most recently created colony. The planet was only found recently, due to it’s long distance from the rest of the explored universe. Long Dust is the furthest from any other colony, as it is right on the edges of The Unexplored Territories. It is a desert planet, with almost 60% of the surface covered in rock or sand. There is a small ocean that spans the norther hemisphere, that makes up for about 30% of the planets surface. The rest is mountainous or lush green rain forests. The plate was never Terraformed, but instead was one of the few worlds found that was human habitable from the start. The main city, Hues, Is located on the edge of one of the largest rainforests of the planet. Hues is also where the main space port is located, and where almost all shipments go through. Long Dust was found to be a great source of iron and various minerals, buried deep within the sand. Thousands of mines scatter the planet, slowly harvesting all the material the planet has to offer. The desert environment comes with it’s own dangers however. The sun is incredibly close to the planet, causing it to be in a state of Endless Summer. Rainfall and water is very scarce, and most of the water comes from the oceans. On top of that, there are storm seasons, in which the planet is literally engulfed in sand storms. During these seasons, Hues activates it’s dome, which turns it into a dome city during the storm months. During storm season, it is considered suicidal to venture into the sands, as the sand storms are powerful enough to rip flesh from bone. The storms can also cause VIDI interference, as the space arrays are blocked by the minerals in the sand, leaving the planet widely silent during those storms. There is a big market for stones that are left out during these sorts of storms, that are polished and cut apart by them.
All people that step outside, have to wear safety cooling gear that insures they remain cool enough in the planets high temperatures. All cities or settlements on the planet are equipped with protective measures against the harsh environments, such as cooling units and armor reinforced walls that keep heat out.

Classification: Type 2 Habitable but dangerous
Time: Daytime lasts 18 hours, night time only lasts 3. 21 hour days. 450 day years
Seasons: There is only two seasons. For aprox. 400 local days, it is Hot Season, where temperatures can go up to 150 degrees and are considered to be unsafe without proper safety gear. For about 50 days after that a storm season rages, where the entire planet is engulfed in a large brutal sandstorm, that makes going out of the major cities impossible.
Industry: Iron and Mineral Mining
System: 1 sun, 5 plants
Gravity: Earth Like 1.0001g
Atmosphere: No Ozone layer, but a stable strong atmosphere to resist the powerful magnetic forces of the close sun.
Weather: Very harsh temperatures. Sligh rainfall in rain forests. Sand Storms in storm season.
Criminal Element: Medium in Hues, High everywhere else. The planet’s general isolation, gives it a great place for criminals to hide or conduct business. The UTW knows this, but can’t do much about it since the planet is so large and widely unexplored.
Government: Democratic Council.
Plant Life: Rain forests. Lush tress and plants. Some flesh eating plants do exist.
Animal Life: Almost all is Insect or Reptilian based. Very few mamals, and only in the rainforests. The oceans have a huge variety of fish and aquatic mammals, which is the planet’s main food source.


Most people in long dust have to wear protective gear to go outside, which means most people have the same tube suit system, that cools their bodies than everybody else. The suits are skin tight, and mostly go underneath other clothing. Other than that, Citizens usually dress sparingly, showing a lot of skin in the cities, where there is an added shield against the sun’s rays. Outside the cities however, most people wear Long white coats and hoods with sunglasses, that help keep heat away and the sun from damaging their skin.

Long Dust

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