Logan's Rest

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A colony founded in the 25th century, by Ryland Logan, a prominent space farer and soldier of the time. It was originally established to be a picture book colony to be used as an example to promote colonization. In recent years, Logan’s Rest has received notoriety as being the place of the Jimmy’s field Massacre, where farmers began to rebel against the UTW and threatened rebellion. Due to the negative feelings about Logan’s Rest, the UTW turned it into one of the wonders of industry. Logan’s Rest now contains the bulk of all food cloning operation in the universe, driving countless workers to the once notorious colony.

Classification: Type 1 Earth Like Planet. Wide Variety of Wild life and Plant life.
Time: 12 day week, 6 hours of night time, 10 hours of day time on average. 623 day year.
Seasons: Earth like, except summer which can get incredibly hot near the equator.
Industry: Food Cloning, Natural Food Import/Export, Natural Crafters (trees readily available)
System: 1 sun, 7 other planetoids, 4th star from the sun
Gravity: Near Earth like 1.1g
Atmosphere: Much thicker than earth’s, able to withstand the sun’s harsh summers.
Weather: High rain falls in Winter and Spring, droughts plague most of the summer.
Criminal Element: Minor. Heavy UTW control and watch
Government: True Democratic


Logan’s Rest is a farming community. It was when it was first founded, and now the farmers may be wearing lab coats and jump suits, but the farming spirit is still very much alive. The population is split between scientists and Blue Color Workers. The scientists usually dress in the traditional standard scientific outfit, with a white lab coat over formal clothing. The workers wear jumpsuits, usually branding the UTW logo, and most of the time have a utility belt of useful gadgets. Others wear standard UTW fashion, due to this being one of the heaviest UTW watched worlds in the universe (next to earth).

Logan's Rest

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