Junction began as a research station in the alpha centauri binary star system, orbiting both of the system’s stars. As it became a apparent nothing much could be learned from the star, the UTW researches abandoned the station. A few clever businessmen realized the oppurtunity of the space stations close proximity to a gas giant with plenty of Helium-3, as well as it’s good location along the trade routes between the Serpent Sector and Earth. A few key donations and a few key bribes, and the station became the property of the Yuluiant Cooperation, the leader in real estate. The station has since then grew in size by a factor of ten, making it the largest space station in the universe. It is the key stop that most space freighters and ships take between earth and the Serpent Sector, to refuel and relax. Besides the station’s “truck stop” it’s also known for it’s cheap housing overlooking a beautiful view, the alpha centauri binary stars.

Classification: Space Station Flotilla
Time: Earth like days simulated
Seasons: none
Industry: Housing, Helium-3, Refueling and Relaxation
System: 2 suns, 1 planetoid, several large orbiting comets
Gravity: Earth Gravity simulated
Atmosphere: Earth Like
Weather: none
Criminal Element: Medium. Under UTW control
Government: Democratic


Junction is about taking a breather from your long trip. Most people in Junction are dressed rather sloppily, having come from long multi-week trips. Untucked shirts, messy hair, and normal jeans/boot combos are common.


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