Izzimo is one of the youngest of all colonies. The planet it is based upon, is known for it’s very mountainous terrain and it’s extreme fjords and hills. It has become the largest destination in the universe for outdoor extreme sports due to it’s high gravity, as well as a major exporter of fresh fish as the planet’s oceans are extremely fertile and harbor many different edible Xenoforms. The high gravity of the planet makes it dangerous to linger too long there without a special Nanocrobe injection.

Classification: Type 2 Rocky Planet
Time: 1/2 earth days
Seasons: Mostly mild summers and cold but human bearable winters.
Industry: Fish Export, extreme sports
System: 1 Sun, 5 planetoids
Gravity: 2.1g (not safe for humans without special injection)
Atmosphere: Earth Like
Weather: Some rain, mostly sunny. Snow in winter time.
Criminal Element: Low to none.
Government: True Democracy


In the summer, people come in hiking boots and carbon fiber mesh clothing to reduce the gravity’s wear and tear. In the winter most people wear thick padded clothing, and usually come with snowboards or skies. The other part of the planet operates fishing shuttles, but that requires engineering outfits. The working class wears heavy boots and yellow jump suits, combined with tools.


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