Gravity Manipulation

It is publicly known that many artifacts were hidden among the ruins of The Hall, and that many were extracted however not many of them were publicly showcased. The DMCD was the first and biggest discovery, followed by Nanocrobics. Two hundred years after humanity began to colonize space with these new discoveries, the UTW announced another technological advancement that had once more been reverse engineered from an artifact. According to the official statement, the DTE is still conducting expeditions into the gigantic structure and is still finding new things every day. Even today, it is assumed only a small fraction of the entirety of The Hall has been explored.
The discovery was Grentham-Johnson Gravity effect, which is still not completely understood to this day. With the expenditure of enough energy, into a eight sided glass structure filled with orbs of various compositions and chemicals all of which have different magnetic charges, a gravity field can be established. The fields size depends on the energy input, and the fields gravitational effect (stronger or weaker gravity) and magnitude depend on the magnetic charge and direction of current. This opened up entirely new avenues of technology and allowed space stations to become a human livable space. Almost all space ships, with the exception of shuttles, employ gravity manipulation, in the form of immense gravity generators, that span a field around an entire ship. It is quiet common among boarding parties to destroy a gravity generator, in an attempt to catch the crew off guard.

Zero Gravity is still a common thing among spacefarers, especially soldiers and repairmen. Zero Gravity is difficult to operate in for the untrained:

-2 to all physical actions in space. Speed is also effected, as in zero gravity you can only move when there is a surface you can direct a force against. If this is available, movement is at a -2. Some suits employ thrusters to even out movement in space.

Certain Space Suits are also cumbersome and hard to move in. Space suits come in 3 basic categories:

Emergency: Emergency Suits are the hardest to use, due to their heavy materials and cumbersome build. While they are very save, and often equipped with life saving technologies such as emergency beacons and extended life support, they put a -1 penalty on the wearers physical actions.

Industrial: Industrial Suits are the standard among spacefarers that operate frequently in space. They are made out of a weave that allows for flexibility and normal movement, usually sacrificing function for comfort. This is usually worn by maintenance and care personnel. Some come with thrusters, that help to even out movement. Thrusters alleviate the -2 speed penalty and allow a person to move like normal in space without any surfaces. Fuel supply is limited, but usually not a concern.(No Penalty for physical)

Craft: Craft Suits are the finest made suits available. They standardly employee thrusters, and many even use gravitational fields. They use miniature life support systems, that are laser and robotics made, giving them fine precision and extreme outputs. These suits are rare, and usually need to be custom ordered. The one exception is military commanders, who are issue suits like this standard. Normal soldiers are only issued Industrial Suits. Due to the fine craft of these suits, they give a +1 to all actions in zero gravity, and add 1 to speed in space.

Zero Gravity Training Merit

Gravity Manipulation

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