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All travel is mostly split up into 2 categories today. Short and Long range travel. Short range travel are shuttles and land base rescue or scout vehicles for the most part. Long range travel is exclusively space ships.

Short Range Fuel

Helium-3 is the most commonly used and accepted fuel source for shuttles and short range vehicles. It is readily available across the universe in many different forms, such as moon rock or in gas giants and easily refined. Helium-3 is somewhat dangerous, as it is used to create nuclear fusion. All vehicles using it as a fuel source have micro fusion reactors, that are deemed mostly safe to the public due to their heavy shielding and safety mechanisms. A normal short range shuttle has a large enough Helium-3 storage tank to last for a about a week of flight time. It is usually dispensed in it’s liquid extremely cold form.

Long Range Fuel

There are several options for long range fuel sources. The first and most popular is entangled atom pair potential or EAPP. A EAPP reactor uses the principal of atom entanglement, which means that an any changes that effect on atom, will also effect it’s entangled pair no matter what the distance between them is. The bond between those entangled atoms holds an immense potential energy, that only strengthens the further apart they are. This energy is converted into usable energy, but quickly snapping the entangled bond and letting the two atoms re entangle themselves. This happens closely to six thousand times every minute on a normal modern space ship, giving it the incredible power required for hyper space travel. The atoms have to be replaced every five years or so, which is a very pricey produce and heavily depends on the EAPP core itself.
Another popular fuel source are Gravity Cores. These cores contain a tightly pressed mineral, which’s mass has been compressed so tightly that it has turned into a gravity vortex. The constant forces of the gravity core acting upon the gravity nodes inside the core, causes a energy build up that is then released violently. Gravity cores have been deemed dangerous to use, because they can leak and cause strange gravity phenomenon and hull damage. It is much cheaper to replace a gravity core, but gravity cores only last about a year.


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