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Earth is no longer the beautiful colorful world it once was. Humanity’s interference in the Biosphere, has caused the extinction of most animal and plant life on earth. The ozon layer is only in existence at all, because humanity discovered a way to reinforce it artificially, giving the sky a very very slight purple tint. The entire planet is now a mega city, loosely connected through underground tunnel systems through which speed shuttles travel or above ground shuttle transport. There is only small park areas, that preserve precious little of earth’s original biosphere. Instead of plant life to create the oxygen needed to life, large terraform generators have been established that are doing that job instead. The air has been known to have a metallic taste, but this is something that a human can adapt to quickly. Due to the massive problems brought on by humans taking water away from earth’s closed system, fresh Water is also scarce, but a functional water cycle system exists, that catches earth’s water and converts it to drinkable form. Earth, while being considered the birth place of humanity, is no longer the first choice for humans. The UTW central government is still located here, however, and this means earth acts as the capitol of the UTW Space. Numerous military and government installations are scattered across the planet, often among the ruins of old cities that are no longer in use.


The one combining aspect of Earth Fashion is breathing devices. Due to the atmospheric difficulties at time, it’s always required of every citizen to have an emergency breathing apparatus on hand at all times. Besides that, earth is the center of all Fashion in the universe. From the newest color screen dresses (the fabric acts like a screen, allowing you to change the pattern or even display stuff on it), to the newest fasion among men, the Barlo Johnson line of suits (special silk, metal mesh mix, that makes an incredibly durable and fancy looking suit. Also some models have VIDI integration). Most working class citizens, wear protective gear, as earth’s environment is less than hospitable to those that cannot afford to live in secure housing.


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