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The Dimensional Matter Conversion Device was one of two major discoveries recovered from The Hall. It converts any matter into a form of tachyon based energy, which allows a partial transfer in dimensional space. This slight transition is referred to “extra dimensional space” as it appears like crafts within it’s affect leave normal space time all together, but rather are in a form of “twisted” dimensional space, where the laws of physics do not work the same way as in normal space. This space was dubbed Hyper Space due to the popular science fiction concept. The DMCD simply allows crafts to enter and exist Hyper Space, which allows them to travel through space at a lot faster rate than in normal space.

The DMCD can vary in size. Some as small as a pocket watch, which are used for small automated scout sized ships to the size of a refrigerator, which are used on the largest Goliath sized ships.

A counter to the DMCD exists, known as the Energy Disruption module, which simply keeps Matter to tachyon energy conversion from occurring. This module also has a gigantic area (often spanning entire solar systems), which means that ships cannot re-enter normal space and therefore cannot easily travel to places that are protected by the Energy Disruption Module.


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