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Cloning was first attempted in the 20th century, and quickly became a “Hot” topic. Humanity could not agree whether cloning was beneficial or detrimental to humanity. The argument extended into the 21st and 22nd century, where strict bans against human cloning were put into effect.

There was exceptions, such as the 2088 Organ Reproduction act, that allowed the reproduction of organs for patients that required a replacement. This meant that organ donation became at thing of the past, as all patients simply received cloned organs instead.

In the 22nd century, genetic modification and cloning of plants and animals became extremely common. This was due to the discovery of “genetic scrambling” which overcame the problem of the genetic material of cloned animals and plants eventually degrading the more clones of them were created, by creating a new set of genetic material each time they were cloned. This meant they were not exact copies, but rather new versions of the original. This meant farms also started housing research laboratories, as food across the globe became scarce. By the end of the 22nd century, every human was eating cloned food.

The Human Cloning restriction was partially lifted in 2340, when the military started experimenting with “cloned soldiers”, using rapid age acceleration. These experiments were successful, and even today the military has a Clone division. These clones have little freedoms, and in order to stay above the cloning laws and restrictions, they are created with almost child like IQs. At birth they are also implanted with knowledge, such as weaponry also they are taught to be loyal to the death to the UTW. These clones are “retired” at the age of 10, because after that age the mental condition snaps and causes most clones to develop free will.

Today, cloning is still mostly outlawed, except for the UTW and the Military. Clones are not considered to be “true humans” and therefore do not have the same rights as humans do. The problem is that clones are usually so hard to distinguish from the real thing, that without a genetic test it is impossible to know who is a clone. Though a genetic profile will quickly show, as genetic markers are placed everywhere in a clones genetic code.


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