A solid gold Medallion with the image of Athena with her Owl on her shoulder


Imbued Item:

Magical Effect: Augment Mind
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana
Arcanum Dice: 3

The Medallion grants a permanent +3 bonus to either Intelligence or Wits (not resolve). No dice roll is necessary to switch the cane from one to the other, but 1 Mana point must be spent. This does not necessarily mean the player knows more, but instead that his ability to process and use knowledge is increased. The Medallion must be on the person in order to work, and when contact is severed a mana point must be spent to activate it again. (This means the first time it is used each day, it must be reactivated unless the user sleeps with the cane.) Note that this Medallion does not stack with any other Augment Mind spell, the normal rules apply.


Notcua was created by Holder for Ser Anansi because of his knighting. The Medallion is said to instill the wisdom of the ancient long forgotten goddess Athena in anybody that wears it.

Appearance: It is a pure gold Medallion, bearing the image of the goddess Athena and her owl. The back side of the Medallion holds a large rune that glistens with silver energy. The neckless that it is attached to, is a long steel chain, leaving the Medallion hanging close to the center of most men’s chests.


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