A Cutlass with a gold blade, that seems to have a mind of its own

weapon (melee)

Imbued Item:

0 (L) Durability 2 Size 2 Strength 2

Magic Effect: Rouse Spirit & limited Spirit Tongue
Duration: Lasting
Arcanum Dice: 3

A rank 3 spirit resides within the blade, and whoever touches the blad can commune with it and see it in the twilight (only it though). The spirit will usually listen to the owner of the blade, as it embodies the very essence of the blade. The Spirit is in twilight, and therefore can effect things in the physical world with it’s influence and numina.


Mirage, Spirit of War
Influence (Pain)
Influence (Dispair)
Ban (Honor)

Rank 3 (Baron)
Attributes: 15
Maximum Essence 20

Power: 5
Finesse: 5
Resistance: 5
Essence: 20 (loses one a day,regains one a day while it stays in the sword)
Corpus: 15
Size: 10
Willpower: 10

Initiative: 10
Defense: 5
Speed: 13 (Power+Finesse+Rank)
Influence Roll: 10 (spend one essence)

Numina: Harrow (Pain) p.321
Fetter (Permanent on Sword)
Blast (Spirit Knives) – targets Resolve+Stamina costs 1 essence p. 321


Mirage is a sword created for ser Victus by Councilor Holder for his Knighting. The sword itself has a golden blade, and is for all intends and purposes not meant to be used in combat. The Blade holds a powerful secret however, a spirit named Mirage that embodies War. Holder and Phosphorus coaxed a spirit out of the blade, and helped it grow strong. Mirage is a mighty spirit indeed, and a fearsome enemy. It is sworn to obey the commands of it’s owner, but that does not mean it doesn’t have a will of it’s own, and may attempt to convince it’s owner to undertake certain courses of action.

Appearance: The Sword itself is a Cutlass, with a pure gold blade. Engraved along the handle are small silver figures clashing in sword fights, and golden runes. The sword often seems to move of it’s own accord, and even whisper to people.


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