a set of black motorcycle gloves interwoven with magic

weapon (melee)

Imbued Item:

1 Bashing Size 1 (pocket) Durability 3

Magic Effect: Kinetic Blow
Cost: 1 Mana
Aspect: Vulgar
Duration: 1 Scene
Arcanum Dots: 3
Mana Pool: 11

Effect: Gloves become +3 L and cut like a blade for the rest of the scene.


Jets once belonged to Lord Booth, the only Knight in recent history to use hand to hand combat. Lord Booth became famous during the Battle of Horish, after he single handedly captured a seer outpost after his unit had perished. He was known for his quick and agile style, and his flamboyant attitude. He was killed almost thirty years later, during a mission on Logan’s Rest involving a Succubus. This was in 2552, more than a hundred years ago. The gloves themselves survive to the present day, and it is said that they cut just as deadly as any blade, and are even quicker if wielded by the right person.

Appearance: A pair of black leather, fingerless motorcycle gloves, each finger holds it’s own rune of power. Each rune is connected to the main rune on the back of the glove, by golden lines that appear almost as veins. When the gloves Strike one can hear the air giving way to their power, and once activated they can cut things just like a knife.


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