Name: Freddie Quinn
Age: 24
Path: Thyrsus
Order: The Silver Ladder
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Pride

Freddie is a smaller guy standing at 5’8, 170 pounds or so. He has an athletic build. Short unkempt dirty blond hair. From day to day he wears various things but he tends to favor jumpsuits with the layer of mesh often found in other harsher parts of the universe. He completes this with old beat up boots, and if he favors it a pair of goggles that are more for personal like then use.

He has a casual personality, your everyman. There is nothing special or eccentric about him. Once you get to talking him though you realize he has some pretty grand ideas, on how the world is screwed and needs to be overhauled drastically. His ideals are cemented in his mind and will not be convinced of anything otherwise. In this he can become a bit aggressive. Other than that he is someone that doesn’t have any problems with anyone. Its a trait he developed growing up that helped him get through dealing with some many people day to day.


As a child Freddie grew up on Earth, with his parents and older brother by two years, James. They lived in a small apartment in what would be considered a ghetto on the city planet. Not so bad to be considered Slums, but it still took a brave soul to walk the streets after dark.

As far back as he can recall he remembered his parents going off into the night one or two times a month. They always said they had a meeting to attend and they would leave them in the care of a neighbor and friend. Once James became old enough, he looked after Freddie while his parents were out.

This happened for many years until his early teens. Until his parents went out one night and didn’t come back. The next morning it was plastered all over the news feeds, that somewhere around 20 people were found dead in a warehouse only a few miles from his home. The reports were that it was hard to tell exactly how many people where found dead as well as their identities due to the nature of the deaths. The news feeds dubbed it te Inner City Slaughter.

It was never confirmed that Freddie and James’ parents were part of the found dead, but that is what he convinced himself as to be the truth. After that life became difficult, the boys became part of the system. The child services that were already packed to bursting. They were placed in a mass orphanage, huge compounds that could accommodate thousands of lost souls. It has gotten to the point that a child had little to no chance of being adopted or placed in a home, and it was simply a place to be until they became of legal age and released into the world. Freddie hated this place, the noise the smell, the chaos. He spent most of the days in his quarters drawing as it quickly became a new hobby of his.

As soon as he was released from the orphanage he moved into a place with his brother who was released a few years prior. And he began his life. He quickly became adept at applying his art skills to the computer generated world and after that he landed a job as CG artist for a small movie studio.

The movie studio is located in one of the oldest parts of the city. Its building dating back to a time lost in record books. The studio doubled as a theatre as well. Freddie worked as many hours as he can, and every night he would catch a movie for free before he went home. He loves his job. He gets to create things the way he visualizes them. he enjoys the amount of control and creative license he gets in his work.

One night when heading home from work he took his usual shortcut through an alleyway. He was attacked by something he still cannot explain, it was quick and it was strong. It was hard to see as it was so dark but he made out a humanoid shape. As soon as he decided to make piece with his death something came darting down the alley and attacked the creature that was on him. A fight broke out and he could only hear the sounds of it as he was blinded by the blood running into his eyes. Eventually it ended, and a beaten and bloodied dog came trotting up to him. The dog looked to be something resembling a husky. For some reason he took the dog home and they have been together ever since. He named it Doja.

Freddie changed. Between his life long need to know what happened to his parents and then the attack. he became consumed with research on anything remotely inhuman. From classic monsters to the newly revealed vampires everyone seems to be terrified of. Monsters of every culture.

And so this is where he is today, still working, still looking for answers.


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