Councilor of the Long Dust Court, leader of the Adamantine Arrow


Velura is the strongest woman most men will ever meet. She grew up during the great Rebellion, and had a weapon in her hands ever since she was three years old. Killing a man is as natural to her as breathing, and she takes a form of satisfaction knowing that she has ended the life of a man that deserves it fully. Not much is known about her background during the war, only legends of the Warrior Woman of Morning. She settled down in a small fishing village on Izzimo after the war, and was restless and aching for a fight for many years.
She encountered the Trucido order, when they investigated a rumor about a Fushi Mai killing off fishermen. A good friend of hers was murdered by it, and she followed it into it’s layer. When she struck it in the heart with a pickaxe, it exploded, covering her in the poison blood it contained. The Trucido order found her, just as she passed out from crawling up the rocky cave the monster was hiding in.
They took her with them, and nursed her back to health. It is said that only a drop of Poison from the Fushi Mai is enough to kill a man, and she was covered from head to toe. During her poison coma, she awkaned and when she rose from her long slumber, she was more than willing to join the order.
Some of her early cabal would say that the poison ruined her mind, because she shows no fear and seems absolutely insane. Regardless, Velura showed her prowess in combat again and again, slaughtering countless monsters over the many years of her service.

Order: Adamantine Arrow
Path: Obrimos

Appearance: Velura is quick and strong, and that shows in her body. She has muscles up and down her body, often putting men to shame. She usually wears a brown leather bomber jacket, on which adds on a patch for every monster she killed (this is her 8th jacket). She wears tight black yoga pants, covered with a warneridium webbing. She always wears running shoes. Around her neck she has a long silver scarf that reaches all the way down to her knees on both side when slung around her neck. It is said that she uses it to confuse her enemies. Her face is pretty, but not beautiful, and littered with many scars. She keeps her brown hair short. On her back she wears a great black steel claymore named Ruthless. The steel is meteoroid iron, and the sword itself is infused with all the elements.


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