Councilor of the Long Dust Court, leader of the Silver Ladder


Seraphin was always a leader, even as a child. He had a successful multi-million Uni company before he was 18. Once he made his millions, he began to become very active in politics. He hated that slavery was still a very real thing, and personally attempted to rally humanity in an anti-slavery movement. He was also active in fighting the drug trade, and getting support for the many orphanages across the universe. One night he had a strange dreaming vision, which caused him to awaken. When he awoke, he found guns pointed at him. His rivals attempted to have him assassinated. He managed to use his powers to get him out of the situation, but assassins are after him even today. Nobody knows what happened to him, and he officially went into hiding.
The Order found him in one of his safe houses, about to be hung by assassins. They took him in, and he quickly adapted to his new surroundings. He got extremely active in the Silver Ladders message, and tried to gather support to attempt to enlighten the rest of Humanity… something he still is trying today. He is Endless’s advisor, and is considered his proxy.

Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Acanthus

Appearance: Seraphin is a very large man. He loves to eat, and does so constantly, weighing at least 300 pounds. He definitely doesn’t lose much respect from his peers for it, as he is still very agile and strong, and handy in a fight. He usually wears the traditional robes of a Councilor of the Silver Ladder, green with silver straps and gold runes. He mostly wears sandals, or sturdy boots. He has strong arms and legs, but his mid-region is round and heavy. His face is almost square, his big cheeks the only thing sticking out. He has bright red hair, and is often seen walking about with his Drama Mask, that he often puts on when he pretends to be his enemy in conversation. Within his giant robes, he hides a shotgun named Usurper, which he can produce very quickly when he requires it. It requires no ammo, and what it does shoot very few things can stand in the way of.


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