Councilor of the Long Dust Court, leader of the Guardians of the Veil


Primrose was born to traders, in space, and spent most of her childhood moving about. She became what some call a Spacer, somebody that is most comfortable in space. When she became of age, she started her own trading line. It was pretty profitable for awhile, and she even gained a few employees and her own star ship. During a deep space excursion towards Izzimo, her ship was attacked by a Harvest Ship. Almost everybody on boards was completely drained of blood, she only survived because of quick thinking and stowing away on the vampire ship. She was on the ship for three days, until she found an opportunity to overload their reactor and escape through a shuttle. When the ship exploded, she awakened, and nothing was ever the same. The order picked her up using her powers to get people to buy her goods for double what they were worth. She quickly joined after realizing what she was signing up for.
It took thirty five years, and many battles for her to be made a councilor. Everybody knows her viciousness, and she is often called the Rose’s Thorn, because of her subterfuge abilities. She was often utilized as a spie beyond enemy lines and has seen her share of combat.
She is very stern, and does not accept failure or weakness. She will do what it takes to finish her mission, using espionage and even blackmail if necessary.

Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Mastigos

Apperance: Primrose ties her blonde hair into a tight knot on the back of her head. Nobody has ever seen her without it, it is said. She wears glasses, but not to see better, instead they serve various hidden purposes. Her face has very sharp and pointed features, as does the rest of her very bony body. She is very nimble and dexterous, and some legends say she has been known to catch near anything that’s being thrown at her. She usually wears a long dark colored dress, with some sort of cotton vest covering her top, giving her somewhat of a school teacher look. Among the various layers of her dresses, she hides a huge assortment of blades that she can produce almost at will and hurl at any that dare fight her. She also hides a long knife in her sleeve named Schaten, that some say hungers for blood like a vampire.


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