Councilor of the Long Dust Court, leader of the Free Council


Phosphorus was born and raised on Xiu Shu, during the great rebellion. He grew up with death and suffering all around him, and came to loath the people that brought suffering onto others for sport. At age 8, he refused to take up arms against the government, and was not only cast out of his families house, but almost killed for it. He escaped to a government facility, where he was quickly put into one of the many orphanages around the universe. He began to attempt to heal the suffering of others, by watching others mending broken bones and torn flesh. By the time he was twelve, he was patching up many of the young casualties of the war, that ended up in the government orphanages as well. When he was 17, during the rebellions final days they launched an attack on the orphanage he was in. Hundreds of children were murdered in front of his eyes, for no other reason but malice. When they came for him, he awakened, and and every single soldier in the hospital died from a mysterious virus that ate their insides.
The Trucido order recruited him, after he went from Concilium to Concilium, looking for a place where he could belong and do the good he so desperately wished to do. He has been in combat, but loathes violence, and only uses it when there is no other option. He was the healer and support for many a knight all throughout his combat years, and became known as the Healing Light among his peers.
He never managed to accept the Mage Society’s fixation with the past and the traditions of a long dead civilization. He became appointed the leader of the free council after his successful experiments to create plants that emit natural sun light. He loves his experiments, many of which are secret, because the mage society as a whole would not be able to accept them. In his opinion, the time for past ideals is over. This is the modern age, and the Mage Society faces a modern enemy.

Order: Free Council
Path: Thyrsus

Appearance: Phosphorus is a tall, but skinny man in his late forties. Around his neck he wears a medallion of Caduceus made of pure silver. He is usually wearing baggy, stretchy pants, that give him good flexibility. On his torso, he wears t-shirts and thick coats, during combat which are lined with various protective spells and armor. His face is long, and he has a long goatee that he braids (much like a Pharaoh). His hair is light brown, almost blonde, and it’s long and he keeps it in a pony tail. When he does have to fight, he has a .45 caliber “hand cannon”, that was forged for him by Halter, and can liquidate his enemies as fast as the bullets can fly.


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