Real name: Giovanni de Ventura
Age: 24
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 112 lbs

Shadow Name: Pestarzt, Path: Moros, Order: The Mysterium
Virtue: Fortitude, Vice: Lust, Concept: Underworld Doctor

Giovanni is typically an upbeat guy who enjoys reading books, seeing movies and hanging out in chatrooms in his spare time. He is always absorbing information and carefully scrutinizing a scene for changes, even if he seems a bit flaky at times.

Giovanni is of average height and a little too skinny. Scrawny even. His medium length black hair is stylishly shaggy and he has dark eyes behind rectangular semi-rimless glasses. His face has youthful features. He cycles through a collection of cheap t-shirts with geeky pop culture refrences on them and black dress pants. He owns a long white doctor’s coat with a high pulled up collar that he wears whenever he’s working.

Theme song: Linkin Park – Blackout


Giovanni’s father was an Outlaw in New Bangkok, part of an organized crime syndicate. When he fell in debt over his head, he borrowed from the syndicate. But when he couldn’t pay the syndicate collecters, they came in the night and killed him. Giovanni was six years old and already so advanced from his extended use of the Rapid Learning Apparatus. More curious then frightened though, he picked up the knife used to kill his father and began to dissect and study him. No one thought anything of the ‘scared’ little boy hovering over his dad’s corpse when the police arrived. Since then, Giovanni’s had a morbid desire to study and learn about human physiology and anthropology. But with only his mother left to raise him, he had limited options. As he grew older and his studies became more focused, he turned back to the criminal underworld his father was a part of. He took spare jobs giving discrete medical treatment to criminals while he continued his education and eventually earned his medical degree, though most of his work was still underground. He has been wise enough not to cross the syndicate, and kept himself from getting too deeply involved in any organization.

Giovanni has always been interested in studying and learning, especially with regards to humanity. He prefers hands on methods over modern technology, but doesn’t shun it. His goal since awakening is to discover humanity’s link to the Shadow, Supernal and vampires. His ultimate goal is to unlock the human supreme.


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