Mirage Spirit of War

A great Baron of the spirit World, and spirit of War



Mirage, Spirit of War
Influence (Pain)
Influence (Dispair)
Ban (Honor)

Rank 3 (Baron)
Attributes: 15
Maximum Essence 20

Power: 5
Finesse: 5
Resistance: 5
Essence: 20 (loses one a day,regains one a day while it stays in the sword)
Corpus: 15
Size: 10
Willpower: 10

Initiative: 10
Defense: 5
Speed: 13 (Power+Finesse+Rank)
Influence Roll: 10 (spend one essence)

Numina: Harrow (Pain) p.321
Fetter (Permanent on Sword)
Blast (Spirit Knives) – targets Resolve+Stamina costs 1 essence p. 321


Mirage is a spirit that was created by Rousing the Spirit within the Sword of the same Name and feeding it more spirits to help it grow in strength. Mirage is a Rank 3 Spirit, a Baron of the Spirit World. He embodies Pain and Despair, and is a great warrior. He will listen to the owner of the sword, but he is blood thirsty and will often attempt to influence the owner’s actions.

Appearance: When he manifests, or is viewed in the spirit realm, he appears as a great shadow silhouette of a man, wielding two great swords. Chains of gold with spikes in between the links whirl around him at all times, and tie around his wrists.

Mirage Spirit of War

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