Loyal Lord of the Trucido Order, hates Melchyor


Maverick was saved as a small child by the Trucido order, and they took both him and his mother in. They were fed and housed, and told none of the secrets of the mage society. At age 15, Maverick awakened, during a vampire attack on the Trucido compound, during which his mother was murdered. He took the loss of his mother extremely hard, and didn’t speak for almost a whole year. He was saved by Endless, who slowly but surely introduced him to his new gifts and explain to him how he can do good and prevent others from dying. Endless became Maverick’s Magister, and heavily imbued into him the values of the Trucido order and the mage society. WIth fury and courage in his heart, Maverick fought his way to the top, being knighted after the infamous assault on Omega-8. He took over his squad after his lord died and the knights in his group didn’t know what to do. Due to his leadership, him and his 7 brethren survived the onslaught of the vampires.
Him and Melchyor were both assigned to the same squad, and that’s where they’re rivalry began. Melchyor was hot headed, and resistant to taking orders. He disrespected his superiors and started talking about overthrowing the Hierarch, who was the newly appointed Endless, Maverick’s Mentor and Best friend. He did what he could to stand in Melchyor’s way, and the two of them fought a total of 32 duels. When Melchyor went to far, and gathered a mob of followers to storm the Council chamber, Maverick stepped in and dispersed the crowed with his squad. He immediately told Endless of this betrayel, and was shocked when he did not punish him.

Maverick whole heartily believes in the mission of the order, and of the mage society. He will not let anybody interfere with it, and will use force to defend it. He hates Melchyor with all his heart, and would maybe even kill him, if given the opportunity to get away with it.

Order: Adamentine Arrow
Path: Moros

Appearance: Maverick wears a Warneridium vest, with kevlar inlay. On the front of the vest, he has the various medallions of his order, and ranks. Maverick is very muscular from his constant exercises and combat, and his neck is very thick. He is often called Fat Neck among his enemies. He has a innocent face, blue eyes and black scruffy hair that is well kept. His arms are tattooed with sharks, which come to live and move about when he casts magic, much like those of Melchyor. On his hip, he wears a silver reiforced magic long sword, named Shark Tooth. It is said that it cannot break, and can turn some people into stone. He wears blue jeans, that have straps all along the legs, to fit in various tools and support weapons. He tends to wear sneakers, or steel toed boots, depending on the need.


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