Councilor of the Long Dust Court, leader of the Mysterium


Holder grew up in a pretty regular childhood, on the pretty side of Junction. He always had a knack for building, winning all science fairs in his school with ease. He was arrested once by the DTE, because he attempted to build a close circuit vortex in his living room, after which he was a lot more careful, and unofficially joined the Machinians. He ran with the wrong crowed for too long, and eventually was condemned by the UTW for being a member of that dangerous organization. He ran for the Outer Reaches of UTW space, to try to flee to the Serpent Sector when his ship was boarded by the DTE. He was captured and thrown aboard the ship, and left to rot in a cell for almost three weeks with little food and water. During his days in the cell, he grew a bit mad, seeing things in the shadows and calling to him from far away. When he was on the brink of passing out from exhaustion he awakened, the ghosts of the many dead on the ship guiding him. He used his power to destroy the ship and flee.
He was one of the few people that wasn’t found by the order, but instead found it. He used his contacts to find the mysterious fortress that was rumored to be on Long Dust. He was first captured and questioned, after which he was offered a position as a smith and squire.
Today, Holder is the Head Smith for all of Rygoh, and creates weapons, armors and gadgets of beauty and wonder.

Order: Mysterium
Path: Morros

Appearance: Holder is a small man, mostly hunched over that slouches his shoulders. He almost always wears his tool jacket, in which he has hooks and attachments for all manner of tools imaginable, some magic and some not. On his pants, he straps various weapons parts, that he can assemble at will to create the weapon he needs for the given moment. His face is thin and narrow, but his eyes are bigger than they should be. He is balding, with a few patches of dark black hair remaining.


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