Knight in the Court of Long Dust, Personal Assistant to Velura


The truth is, Gulag and Velura have a love hate relationship. It is even whispered that she takes him sexually from time to time, but openly the two despise each other, only working together out of need. Gulag is harsh and strong, but he is nowhere near Velura. Some say he is wiser than her, and that he will eventually become councilor.

Appearance: Gulag keeps his shoulders straight and his pose perfect, always. He wears slacks, with hard boots. He usually wears a leather biker style jacket, on which are various symbols of his achievements and order. Beneath he wears nothing, to proudly show the Tattoo’s he gained in the service of the Arrow. His entire chest is covered with a tattoo of a mountain scene, with great eagles overlooking the valley bellow.


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