Herald of the Silver Ladder, old aquaitance of Melchyor's


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Athena is the next big thing among the mage society. She was born a poor girl on earth, and by sheer determination alone fought her way to the top of the Food Chain. When she was 19 she became nominated for a councilor’s advisor position, which would have made her the youngest woman to ever have become one. Fate had other plans for her, when she awakened to the Arcanthus path while witnessing the murder of a counselor by the hand of a vampire. Due to the close proximity of earth’s Concilium, she was quickly found and integrated. In only 3 years she has risen to the rank of Herald, and is now the prime advocate for unification of the Conciliums across the universe into one. She is strictly against a vampire war, and wishes to protect humanity from the hidden evil they posses. Some are saying that she will be Hierarch of the universe some day, but others do not like her as much. She easily controls the minds of her subject using her incredible beauty and her soft but powerful voice. She knows just the right thing to say, and when to say it, and it is almost impossible to bare a grudge against her once you meet her.
Melchyor was one of her biggest enemies back during her rise, because he wanted to fight a war with the vampires and force a unification of the concilium, only so that they could combine their strength. She highly opposed his radical approach, and they clashed words more than once… once almost more than just words. She is now 25, and on the verge of becoming the most famous magi in the universe, by traveling to each concilium and having them agree to a sacred pact of unification. When she is complete, there will be a new post in the concilium, a leader that leads all the hierarchs in the universe. The Hegemon, who will be chosen by vote after the pact has been signed by all the hierarchs. She believes it only to be a matter of time before all agree, and with her striking looks and quick wit, that may very well be true.

Slender tall body, with perky breasts and tanned skin. Her hair is very soft and past her shoulders, light brown. Her eyes are green.


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