Siege Lord of Rygoh


Amsil’s past is unknown. One day he approached Endless, still a knight then, and asked to join the order and since then he’s proven to be a valuable asset. He does not discuss the past, but only the matters at hand. He is headstrong, loud and can be quiet aggressive in achieving his goals. He is a high ranking member of the Adamantine Arrow, and a very outspoken opponent of Mage unification. His Cabals were the most successful in the Assault on Omega-8, which earned him much renown and influence among the order. He wields a great sword named Midnight that is said to decay and destroy any matter it touches.

Appearance: Amsil is a giant of a man, extremely toned and muscular. His chin is square and his face cold and calculating. His skin is a light red (native American) and his hair is dark black. He wears steel shoulder guards, connected by god chains around his neck and chest. He wears his great sword on his back during battle. Underneath his heavily Warneridium reinforced coat and pants, he wars a layer of dark clothing.


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